On Turrones

12.8.2022, archive

Turrones still life by Juan van der Hamen y León

    The origin of turrones or nougat is obscure. Some date it back to ancient Greece, serving as a high energy snack for olympic athletes. Others claim it was first created in Asia or Persia. The non perishable sweet was likely spread from Phoenicia to northern Mediterranean regions: Spain, Italy, the Provence. It served as practical snack to take on the road for soldiers and travellers alike. Today there are many variations used in different cultures:

Spain - Turrones first appeared in Spain with the Moors in the early 7th century

Italy - Torrone

France - Nougat de Montélimar made with Lavender Honey

USA - Three Musketeers

Nougat - or pan nogat in Latin, nut bread

Roasted nuts
Egg whites

Turrones still life by Ana Téllez

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