11.23.2022, archive, culture
by Ana Téllez

    My mom used to give gingerbread house workshops to my siblings and I when we were little. Our friends started joining, and she quickly grew a following. By her third annual workshop, our elementary school took interest and asked her to participate in the Christmas auction. Mothers and fathers bid to have a seat for their children at the gingerbread house event. At her peak, my mom was giving workshops to 200 kids at once…a neighborhood legend.
    My dad practices carpentry as a hobby. He took me to Donald Judd’s home and studio in Marfa years back to research his furniture (and to try the breakfast burritos from Marfa Burrito.) Temperatures can drop below freezing during the winter in Marfa, and we were visiting in January. We were lucky enough to witness, for just a few hours, Judd’s stomping grounds dusted in snow.         These GingerJudd Cookie chairs are for my parents. I used this gingerbread cookie recipe to construct the chairs. The cookies harden into gingersnaps which provide sturdy pieces for building. Also great in milk.

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